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CD covers

Artists/Band: Interzone (Serge Teyssot-Gay/Khaled Aljaramani)

Album: Kan Ya Ma Kan – 4è jour

Year: 2019

Based on “Fleur Cassée Debout” painting by Groune de Chouque

Album’s poster.

Artists/Band: Kit de Survie (Serge Teyssot-Gay/Cyril Bilbeaud/Mike Ladd/Marc Nammour/Akosh S./Médéric Collignon)

Album: En Milieu Hostile

Year: 2017

Artists/Band: Zone Libre (Serge Teyssot-Gay/Cyril Bilbeaud/Mike Ladd/Marc Nammour)

Album: PolyUrbaine

Year: 2015

Head: Cyril Menauge (see > here < )

Cover Artwork: S. Couronne

Artists/Band: Zone Libre (Serge Teyssot-Gay/Cyril Bilbeaud/Marc Sens)

Album: Faites Vibrer la Chair

Year: 2007

A limited edition (250 copies) in 4 colors CD-book format, with one illustration per track, silkscreened in the workshops of le Dernier Cri at la Friche Belle de Mai (Marseille) and assembled by me, was also created. An overview of this CD-book and some of these illustrations in their original versions can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below: