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– With Pierre-Joseph Willy –

With Pierre-Joseph Willy


What self-awareness and self-knowledge can emerge from a human being whose physical and sensory organs have been replaced by electronic elements?

An interpretation of the short story “The Electric Ant” by Philip K. Dick (1969).

On the surface it appeared organic — in fact on the surface, it was. Natural skin covered natural flesh, and true blood filled the veins and capillaries. But, beneath that, wires and circuits, miniaturized components, gleamed… looking deep into the wrist he saw surge gates, motors, multi-stage valves, all very small. Intricate.
« Because my reality, my universe, is coming to me from this minuscule unit. Fed into the scanner and then into my central nervous system as it snailishly unwinds. . »

Performance on October 25, 2019 as part of the Festival “En Chair et en Son” #5 at Le Cube (Issy-les-Moulineaux).

Dance: Pierre-Joseph Willy
Composition and interpretation on MOTUS Acousmonium: Cyril Menauge
Lights: Cloé Chope
Audio and video recording: Michel Titin-Schnaider

Photos: Fabrice Pairault

Pierre-Joseph Willy’s website:

“En chair et en son” festival’s website:

Videos on Michel Titin-Schnaider’s Youtube channel:  PERFORMANCE EXCERPT  & PIERRE-JOSEPH WILLY INTERVIEW (french)