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ElectroMecaPhonium’s Acousmachines

ElectroMecaPhonium’s Acousmachines

The Acousmachines are modular musical machines controlled with MIDI and created for the automated interpretation of electroacoustic octophonic pieces. They compose the Electromechaphonium imagined and realized by me as part of the last year of the electroacoustic composition program at the Pantin Conservatory (France).
These machines with tangible, organic and random mechanisms follow a score written electronically for them, like a hybrid music box with heterogeneous growths. The motors trigger a wide range of sounds that interact acoustically with the sound projections of the speakers that encompass, accompany and amplify them. This Electromechaphonium embodies an attempt to “re-materialize” written music, but also a desire to question both the dialogue between sound objects and sound bodies dear to Pierre Schaëffer, the musical and poetic sensitivity that can emerge from automated and mechanical music, and the place of randomness in electroacoustic composition.

– Played in the duet with Akosh S.

Errances Mécaniques video

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